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Children and Families Team

Ensuring the safety and wellbeing of pupils is embedded throughout the practice of all staff at Yeading Junior School. To ensure the consistency and continuity of safe practice, all staff receive annual Child Protection training. Members of Staff also receive updates throughout the year at staff meetings, and have access to the online CP training.


All visitors to the school that have contact with children will receive a safeguarding talk before they can initiate any practice. The visitor will need to agree to the safeguarding statements by signing the document which remains on their file.


Yeading Junior School participated in the annual Safeguarding audit with the Local Authority, and a representative for the school also attends termly Safeguarding Cluster meetings. We have also invited the NSPCC to school to deliver workshops and an assembly to the children in years 5 and 6 around keeping themselves safe. The NSPCC programme is delivered annually with the parents consent to participate.


Please see our Safeguarding Policy for further details.

Michael Hall- Designated Safeguarding Lead and Head Teacher

Amanda Wyatt- School Social Worker

Edith Iwobi- Safeguarding Learning Mentor

Ian Nelson Wright and Angela Flux- Safeguarding Co-Chair of Governors










Our aim is to assist each pupil to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially, and to create a caring environment where pupils are valued for who they are, not just for what they can do. We have an internal Children and Families Team that work closely with the children to build on their social and emotional wellbeing. The Learning Mentors are the first point of call in regards to communication with parents. The internal Children and Families Team support all families with a range of needs. We also work closely with the Inclusion Team using a holistic approach to ensure the child’s Social, emotional, physical and academic needs are being met.


The Learning Mentors facilitate the following activities for the children:


Marlborough Project

Marlborough is an 8 week programme whereby identified children participate along with their parent(s). The programme looks at strengthening the parent and child relationship, and each week sets targets for the children for home and for school. This occurs once a week for one hour and encourages the children to say how they feel in a safe and supportive environment. This projects is also helpful for parents as it allows them to meet other parents who may be going through similar worries or stresses, and they can seek advice and strategies from each other.


Seasons for Growth

This programme supports children who are going through significant life changes, such as suffering bereavement, loss or grief. The programme aims to produce a sense of resilience for the children, personal growth and acceptance of change in their lives.


Pyramid group

Pyramid group supports children and aims to increase their self-esteem and confidence within individual and group situations. These children are selected through our internal children and Family team and could be for many reasons such as, children finding it difficult to make friends and socialise, children who appear self-conscious, children who find it hard to participate in class etc. This programme is for 7 weeks and looks at building confidence through arts and group work activities.



Yeading Junior School has linked with a professional yoga teacher who holds four one hour sessions with a group of 15 children each week. This group will receive altogether 8 sessions with the yoga instructor, and then there will be a new selection of children to have the opportunity to participate. The yoga supports the children to understand how they think and feel and how they can use meditation, breathing exercises, physical exercises and meditation to keep happy and healthy.


1-1  support sessions

The Learning Mentor and School Social Worker can also facilitate 1-1 support sessions with identified children. This would occur when there is an identified area in need of support. This would be in consultation and agreement with the child and their parents.


Breakfast club

The school provides breakfast club for the children from 08:00am to 08:45am. The cost of this facility is £2.25 per day.


After school clubs

Yeading Junior School also provides after school clubs each day.