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Yeading Junior School

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Curriculum and Learning

Curriculum and Learning


Learning can be defined as change in long-term memory.  At Yeading we therefore aim to change long term memory; every lesson, every day, every year. Our aim is to inspire the next generation of learners through teaching them essential background knowledge, so that they can embark on their next step in their journey filled with confidence, able to form their own opinions and develop a deep love for learning. 


Our curriculum exposes children to ambitious content that has been highly specified and well-sequenced. We teach a curriculum that values, specifies and sequences knowledge and skills, that are taught to be remembered.                      Our curriculum ensures that each precious moment will support children in acquiring the knowledge, skills and cultural capital that they will need to become well-educated citizens of the future. 


Through utilising cognitive science, and the psychology of learning, memory and schemata, our curriculum is designed to ensure that the knowledge is taught to be remembered. At its core, our curriculum enables all children, regardless of socio-economic background, to be provided with the opportunities to succeed in later life. It empowers them to have choices and the confidence to achieve their ambitions.


'The more you know, the more complex and interesting, connections you can make'


Whole School Vision

Lesson Structure