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Yeading Junior School

Learning, Working and Achieving Together

Who's Who


Mr Michael Hall

Co-Chair of Governors:

Mr. I. Nelson- Wright and Mrs A. Flux



Senior Leader Team:

Deputy Headteacher:                                              Ms C. Cupido

Assistant Headteacher:                                           Mrs D Kaur

                                                                                Miss I Jones


Inclusion Team:                                     

Inclusion Manager:                                                 

SENCO:                                                                 Mrs A Shezide

Deputy SENCO:                                                    Mrs A Din

Miss M Sheikh - SEN Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms I Hashim - SEN Teaching Assistant


Administration Team:

Business Manager:                                                                 Mrs R Komal

Communication & Publicity Manager:                                     Mrs N Nathoo

Personal /Finance Assistant:                                                  Miss D. Ross

Welfare Assistant:                                                                   Mrs F. El-Awel



Children and Families Team:

Senior Learning Mentor:                                          Ms E. Iwobi

Learning Mentor:                                                      Mrs R. Mahay

Home/School Liaison:                                              Mrs R. Mirza


Year 3 Team

Mr M Moran - Year Leader

Mrs K Pitcher - Class Teacher

Mrs J Saini - Class Teacher

Miss T Mahendran- Class Teacher


Miss A Landers - Teaching Assistant

Mrs G Soor - Teaching Assistant


Year 4 Team

Mr M Plahe - Year Leader

Mrs A Taib - Class Teacher

Mr A Scicchitano - Class Teacher

Miss T Sevic - Class Teacher


Ms S Zairi - Teaching Assistant

Ms F Higgins - Teaching Assistant

Mrs R Kaur - Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Abdi - Teaching Assistant


Year 5 Team

Ms Haling - Year Leader

Mrs Campbell -  Class Teacher

Miss Rai - Class Teacher

Mrs Mansour - Class Teacher


Ms S Goddard - Teaching Assistant

Ms A Bibi - Teaching Assistant


Year 6 Team

Miss Panesar - Year Leader

Mrs Kaur/Miss Jones - Class Teacher

Miss Mahmood -  Class Teacher

Mr Zondo - Class Teacher


Miss L Hassiotis -  Higher Level Teaching Assistant

Ms A Bhattia - Teaching Assistant


If you have queries regarding special needs, please contact Mrs M Din or Mrs A Shezide.  


Local Education Authority: London Borough of Hillingdon

Civic Centre
Uxbridge Middx

Tel: 01895250111